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Reposition Your Business Online in 60 Days!

Your website is just not cutting it huh?

When starting up your biz, you were told you needed to have a website. One cookie-cutter template, a couple of YouTube tutorials, hours of your time, and voila! A website that you are now a little embarrassed to send your clients to. 

I get it, I really do. You were super proud of getting that baby up and running, but now, it’s just not enough.

Your website needs to work for you.

Your website has a purpose, well a few, but here are the main ones: 

  1. Validate your expertise
  2. Build your brand
  3. Generate leads 
  4. Nurture sales. 

You don’t just need a pretty website. We build you a website that will work for you, to attract and convert those leads to clients and increase your revenue. Collaborating with you to bring your ideas to life, implement the strategy, and cause as little disruption to your work/life as possible. 

What is Included

When you work with Em?

A custom-designed WordPress website.

A brand new custom-designed web design that converts your website visitors to leads. Mobile-friendly with an easy to navigate customer experience. Optimized for performance and tested for site speed, ensuring a load time of under 5 seconds.

A 45-minute strategy call.

Reviewing your sales funnels, website user experience, and overall purpose of your website. Your website is built to work for YOU, we will put a game plan in place to ensure that your website is employee of the month every month.

A simple design process.

Our biggest goal when building your dream website is to cause as little disruption to your work-life as possible. This means we will reach out for your input and opinions on the design, but the entire process from build, transfer, and launch is taken care of by us.

Bonus design & website elements.

Implementing custom coding and plugins to develop a unique website specific to your business needs and marketing objectives. We also include a few bonus extras often overlooked:

All web design packages DO NOT include any annual maintenance. Our maintenance package is additional and optional.

Optional: annual website maintenance.

Life-long management of the site is offered to our clients for a monthly fee of $165 or an annual investment of $1,800. The maintenance plan includes costs associated with your websites like the SSL certificate and website hosting with Siteground.

The plan also takes care of any technical support, 2 monthly texts, and image updates.

Along with additional upkeep like plugin and theme updates, 24-hour monitoring, search console monitoring, and website/database backups. These updates and backups ensure life-long health and security for your website.

Packages Start at $3,995 AUD

Fill out the form below. I would love to learn about your business, how I can help and if we are going to be the right fit.

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