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Em Sparrow

What You Might Not Know About Em

When I am looking to buy, if I know someone personally I always go there first. There is something about knowing Stacey from Calgary who has two little ones and a side-hustle, yoga activewear biz that brings comfort instead of buying from a total stranger online. Somehow knowing the small details of her life or knowing where she is from is reassurance enough to purchase her product. 

Now as my following grows, I realize many of my readers don’t truly know who I am, where I am from and my background. I thought it would be fun to tell you a bit about the middle-of-nowhere town I am from, my background in agriculture, and my life before Em Sparrow Design. 

I grew up in the small town of Vanscoy, Saskatchewan. For my international readers, Saskatchewan is in the dead middle of Canada and some winter days, it is the coldest place in the world, think -50 celsius!

My family are farmers and I took a particular interest in the breeding of our Charolais cattle. Before I turned 18, my life was my cows and my horses. I was actively involved in the marketing and breeding of our cattle.

Spending hours in the barns calving cows in January and  summers spent fixing fences and hanging out with our girls and their little ones in the pasture. I also was competitive in showing horses, weekends spent away driving all over the province with our gooseneck trailer (thanks mom!) 

When I graduated, and three days after my 18th I left for Ghana. Ghana is a small African country on the left side of Africa and I lived there for 3 months volunteering and traveling. That’s right, my first trip away… alone, was to Africa.


I don’t know if you have ever caught the ‘travel bug’ but it is contagious! The following May 2014, my friend and I traveled to Greece and Italy, then in September, I made the trip alone to Sydney, Australia. 

I spent 10 months in Australia waiting tables, training horses, showing cattle, and traveling the east coast. I made the long trip back home with the promise to assist my family the following winter with the calving season.

While I was home I worked on the farm and applied for Agribusiness for admission fall 2016. 

Yet something didn’t feel right. I felt like I was jumping into something that just wasn’t for me, I was passionate about agriculture, but this path didn’t feel like ‘it’. Instead, in May 2016 I flew back to Sydney and begin looking for a job in the big-city corporate world. 

As a country girl, working and living the corporate life was a massive learning curve. Understanding the etiquette, the marketing strategies, and interactions were new to me. If you needed your marketing design or strategy, hours of time were spent on the process and no one just went next door for design. 

Designs were sleek and modern, strategies were hours of time spent, and big money spent on methods and procedures. 

I kept looking back at home and the rural community. I noticed designs were boring, strategies outdated and rural businesses were tired of having to go to an expensive agency in the city to be misunderstood or forgotten. 

So that is where Em Sparrow Design came into play, my team and I share a passion for modern and inventive marketing strategies that come from the big city, but we still have a clear understanding of rural and agriculture small businesses. 

I also use my platform to provide the rural community advice on marketing their small biz. All for the cost of 👌 (zero).

So that’s me, Em! Where I am from, my background as a country gal, and how Em Sparrow Design came to be. 

Now I am super curious about you, so let’s hang out online! 

Click the link below to connect. I would love to learn more about you and your small biz.

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