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Save Time Social Media

How I Save Hours Creating Content For My Social Media

Yes, social media our most loved (and hated) frenemy. How many times have I desperately needed a social media post and stared blankly at my empty computer screen or scrolled Insta for some so-called ‘inspiration’. Many times I have had the photos, but writing the content? Oh hell no, not this again. 

As a fellow content creator, what if I told you I have a few simple techniques I use that cuts hours off my content creation for my social media. Hours better spent elsewhere, like maybe making some $$. 

1. Give Yourself ‘Space’ to Post. 

When creating blog posts or Instagram captions at the very last minute, it leaves your posts feeling rushed and slapped together. Giving yourself room for a ton of errors or missing some key info for your readers. 

Plan your posts ahead of time and set them aside to read and review. 

Tip: I usually brainstorm topics every 6 months then schedule and plan the actual content creation once a month. 

2. Batching. My Fave Work Strategy! 

My go-to strategy at the moment to get things done is the batch strategy. This strategy refers to choosing one task and scheduling a time to get it done with no distractions. This means no sneaky email checks, multi-tasking, or social media scrolls. 

I schedule a time once a month to write all my content. This means in my scheduled time no editing photos, no checking emails, and not answering client calls.

Truly the best way to get in the zone and feel mental clarity to focus on one particular task at a time. 

3. When Planning, Brainstorming, or Creating I NEVER Scroll. 

Social media is truly a rabbit hole to get lost in, especially when trying to show up on your socials. I used to spend hours scrolling, telling myself it was for ‘inspo’ or motivation. Nope.. it only wasted hours of my time.

Now when creating content or even posting on social media I spend 0% of my time on the platforms. I have tools in place that ensure no time is spent on the apps, protecting me from losing precious time. 

4. Have a Plan in Place

Throwing content together last-minute seems like the easy thing to do, but truthfully you are making it harder for yourself.  

These simple techniques and tips have saved so many hours in my business. By giving myself space to post, batching my workload, NEVER scrolling, and planning my content, I have developed a system to save hours when it comes to creating on socials. Leaving more for those money-making tasks! 

When there is a solid online marketing strategy behind you, it saves you the time to focus on other pieces of your business. 

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