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How I Organize my Computer

How I Organize my Computer (You NEED These Apps)

I am a clean freak & SUPER organized. The kind of person that has to re-organize her work desk every day before getting any work done, cannot handle dishes in the sink, & the books on my shelf are organized by author, then size, then title.

I also used to work in an office for a finance company, handling highly confidential files & documents for million-dollar clients. Losing data was NOT an option.

So when clients (or my partner) lose documents or passwords it absolutely perplexes me. But then again, many of the organization tips I learned while working in a corporate office, many small businesses do not have access to.

So I have compiled my favorite apps & organization tricks. Your welcome!


✔️ LastPass – never lose a password again!

I use LastPass to keep all my passwords organized and safe. LastPass allows you to:

  • Save all passwords in one spot. All your passwords in one highly encrypted spot, & now you only have to remember ONE password, the one for your LastPass account. You can also save all your important information like passport photos, credit card numbers etc.

  • Add LastPass as an extension on your browser. Adding LastPass as an extension on your browser allows LastPass to auto-fill every website you need to login into. No copy and paste! Simple.

  • LastPass is on mobile too! Download the app to auto-fill on your mobile phone as well.

  • Generate new, complex passwords. When creating a new account LastPass generates passwords & saves them in its vault automatically for you.

  • LastPass is fully encrypted. LastPass uses similar encryption technology to Bitcoin & the big banks. So yes your data is safe.

  • Best of all, It is FREE! The LastPass free plan is perfectly sufficient for small businesses to save & manage all their passwords. I have been using the free version for a few years for both my personal & business passwords & would never go back!

    You can create a FREE account with LastPass by clicking here. Don’t worry you can thank me later.

✔️ Streak for Gmail – quit rewriting the Same email over & over again.

I love using Streak for organizing all my emails. The perks of Streak:

  • You can view when your emails have been read.  I love this function! I am able to see if emails were misplaced or ended up in the spam folder.

  • Save email templates.  Using saved email templates freed me a ridiculous amount of time! I have set templates that I can alter & personalize for each client.

  • Schedule emails. I have emails scheduled for next week, next month, & next year. Instead of setting reminders on my phone for when I need to reach out to someone, I already have that email ready to send for when I have scheduled it to.


✔️ Dropbox – if your computer crashes this is your plan B.

All my documents are housed on Dropbox ensuring that if my computer ever did crash, they would be held in a safe place online. Dropbox also has it’s other benefits:

  • Dropbox sharing. Share folders & documents easily. Simply right-click on the file/folder you would like to share & select ‘Share’.

  • You have the option to hold documents online. Freeing up space on your desktop. If you are like me & have a lot of photos, Dropbox gives you the option to have files online-only to free up space on your hard drive.

  • Access your files anywhere. Download the mobile app & you have all your files with you on the go!

  • Additionally, Dropbox is free up to 2GB. 2 GB usually covers it for small businesses, if not the upgrade is only $15 a month.

    You can download Dropbox here!


Those are all my trade secrets for keeping my computer organized & protected! Have a question about anything I mentioned? Please let me know!

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