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An Ultimate Guide to Instagram Captions

An Ultimate Guide to Instagram Captions

Writing a good caption on your personal account, well that’s not bad, but your business account. Frustrating.

Why is a caption important?

A great caption stops your followers in their tracks & this boosts your post in the Instagram algorithm. This is because the algorithm is measuring how long people are engaging with your posts.

Captions encourage likes, comments, & visits to your website. It also gives your audience a chance to ‘get to know you’ which sounds silly, but converts leads.

So let’s not leave your captions as an afterthought. Here are my best tips for writing the best Instagram captions to go along with your great photos!

So what does a good Instagram caption look like?

Simply put a caption provides context, has personality & has a simple call to action. Let’s break it up into our top tips.

✔️ One: killer first line.

The first line should be super enticing & compelling. We want to draw in the reader for that first line so they read more. Delivering a striking, attention grabbing first line before the caption is shortened & the reader has to click’read more’.

Intrigue your followers with a gripping statement, exclusive offer or stats.

✔️ Two: consistent brand voice.

Be consistent. Your brand should represent you & your businesses voice. They should sound like the rest of your marketing voice. Whether that is funny, serious or motivating.

We recommend on Instagram keeping a more informal tone, giving your posts a more personal touch & less business. We tend to see more engagement when we keep things casual.

✔️ Three: call to action

We use call to actions three different ways:

  • Drive engagement
  • Redirect traffic to our website
  • Contact us

Drive Engagement

If you want more engagement on your post, just ask! Ask your followers a personal question, or to ‘double tap if you agree.’ Try to keep your questions fun & easy for your readers.

Redirect Traffic to your Website

If your goal is to have more people visit your website, have something to offer them when they get there.

Either more information using blogs, other forms of free knowledge or more information about what you have on offer.

Contact Us

Or maybe you just want your followers to reach out directly for any questions or comments.

Just ask them!

✔️ Four: hashtags

Are hashtags important. Well by adding only one hashtag you can increase your post reach by 12.6%! So yes I would say so.

I just released The Ultimate Hashtag Guide, made exclusively for the agriculture industry. You can download your FREE version here!

✔️ Five: line breaks

Keeping your Instagram short & to the point is a great way to get your message across, but what if you have more to say?

Adding line breaks ensures the post is easy to read & effortless to digest.

This simple tip can be the different between a clean caption or a bulky post that can be a major turn off for readers.

✔️ Six: emojis (optional)

We like to use emojis on Instagram as it makes the posts more eye-catching & gives a friendly, relaxed touch.Your tone on Instagram & your own personality should decide on whether emojis will work for you!

Have more questions on how to create an impressive social media feed. Please let us know!

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