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4 Website Mistakes That Hurt Your Business

4 Website Mistakes That Hurt Your Business

Your website is one of the largest components of your online marketing. Are you making any of these mistakes that are hurting your business?

✔️ You are not at the top of Google.
Have you ever tried Googling your business? Are you at the top of the search? Your customer needs to be able to find you first. Your marketing agency or your breed directory should not be showing above you!

✔️ Your home page is not impressionable.

On average, 55% of visitors only spend 15 seconds on a website. Is your home page impressionable enough to keep your clients scrolling?

✔️ Your website is outdated.

If your website has the numbers ‘2017’ or below on it, it is probably doing more harm than good. Make sure all information & images are up to date.

✔️ Your site is not mobile-friendly.

When creating websites, this is the biggest mistake I see. Analytics show 80% of people are looking at websites on the mobile.

Review your site from your phone. Are the images & text proportional? Can you read the text, or do you have to zoom in? Are images or text cut off completely?

Your mobile version of your site should look the same or better than the desktop version.

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